Noli Me Tangere

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➢ Latin phrase which means “ Touch me not”

➢ In a letter to Felix Ressurreccion Hidalgo, he made a mistake in citing the Biblical source; it should be from the Gospel of St.John Chapter 20 Verses 13-17, and not Gospel of St. Luke.

➢ Rizal based his first novel to a novel entitled, Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, which portrays the brutalities of American slave owners and the pathetic conditions of the unfortunate Negro slaves

➢ Rizal then proposed to the other reformists to write a novel about the real happenings of Philippine society during a reunion held in the house of the Paternos and it was unanimously approved by the group.

➢ Unfortunately, the other propagandists wanted to write about women.

➢ Rizal had confronted financial problems in the printing of his first novel.

➢ Maximo Viola, regarded as Noli’s savior, gave Rizal three hundred pesos for the printing costs of Noli. The loaned money was immediately paid by Rizal after receiving one thousand pesos remittance from Paciano.

➢ Upon his return in the Philippines after his First travels in Europe, he was invited by Gov.Gen. Emiio Terrero in the Malacanang Palace, and the former asked for a copy of Noli, unfortunately, he had no more copy in his possession.

➢ Rizal then visited the Jesuit fathers namely: Fr. Francisco de Paula Sanchez, Fr. Jose Bech and Fr. Federico Faura, to ask for the copy he sent to them.


➢ Marcelo H. Del Pilar

➢ Fr. Francisco de Paula Sanchez

➢ Don Segismundo Moret

➢ Rev. Vicente Garcia

1. Rizal was not an ignorant man.

2. Rizal does not attack the Church and Spain.

3. Fr. Rodriguez stated that those who read the novel commits a mortal sin, then he also committed a mortal sin.

• Selling price of Noli stood at one peso or five pesetas.


➢ Fr. Pedro Payo

➢ Fr. Salvador Font

➢ Fr. Jose Rodriguez

➢ Vicente Barrantes

➢ Wenceslao Retana

➢ Vida

➢ Pando

➢ Gen. Salamanca

March 21, 1887 – Noli was finished.

➢ Rizal was 26 years old at the time of publication.

➢ Noli’s latest English version was released to major Australian bookstores last August 21, 2007.

➢ Major characters include:

1. Crisostomo Ibarra

2. Maria Clara

3. Kapitan Tiago

4. Padre Damaso

5. Elias

6. Pilosopo Tasio

7. Dona Victorina

8. Sisa

9. Crispin

10. Basilio

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

- Also known as the Life among the Lowly is an anti-slavery novel by American author Harriet Beecher Stowe.

- It was published in 1852.

- Stowe, a Connecticut-born teacher at the Hartford Female Academy and an active abolitionist. The novel depicts the reality of slavery, while also asserting that Christian love can overcome something as destructive as enslavement of fellow human beings.

-is considered the best-selling novel of the 19th century, and the second best-selling book of that century, following the Bible. 

Major characters includes: Uncle Tom, Eliza, Eva and Simon


• Evil

• Immorality of Slavery

• Moral power and sanctity of women


• Nínay is the first novel authored by a native Filipino. Originally written in the Spanish language by Pedro Alejandro Paterno. He was twenty-three years old when he finished the novel.

• The novel was later translated into the English language in 1907 and in the Tagalog language in 1908.

•  Ninay marked the beginning of the awakening of national consciousness among the Filipino intelligentsia. Being a "largely cultural" novel, the narrative provides a "folkloristic tour" of the distinctive culture.

• The novel explores the life and love story of the female protagonist named Ninay, a heartbroken young woman who died of cholera. Her...
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