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Nolan Cheese 1

Nolan Cheese: Super Mouse

The Nolan Cheese advertisement targets audience of all ages and both genders. The ad grabs the audience’s attention with lighthearted music, melodramatic music, and upbeat, youthful music. It shows an endearing mouse enjoying a piece of cheese happily, with no care in the world because the cheese is from the Nolan brand. Unexpectedly, a tragic event takes place that was unforeseeable by the mouse. Some of us would laugh, others would feel sad but no matter the emotion, the fact of the matter is that the ad is able to get a reaction out of its audience. Our attention is held captive by our not knowing what the fate of the mouse is. At this point in time, the audience is unsure of what direction the advertisement is going.

The first thing that really grabs the audience’s attention is the mouse. People have mice for pets, and the entertainment industry has made millions from movies such as Stuart Little where a mouse lives as a functional member of a human family, and Ratatouille, where a mouse plays a big part in a French chef’s culinary skills. The epitome of the mouse character is undoubtedly Mickey Mouse. A major icon as a part of Walt Disney’s franchise, people from all across the world are able to recognize Mickey Mouse. Children grow up singing and dancing with Mickey, they learn their ABCs with Mickey , and they dream of one day visiting Disney World to meet Mickey Mouse. Whenever there is a mouse, it would be difficult for the general population to not think of Mickey Mouse, the father of all mice. The advertisement uses the endearing mouse to target the animal lover in us. We love our pets, we treat our pets like family and upon seeing the mouse in the commercial, we automatically care for and are invested in the mouse’s fate - or at least enough to watch...
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