Nokia Weakness

Topics: 1916, 1920, 1921 Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: December 2, 2010
The state or quality of being weak is the definition of weakness and therefore any organization, company and even people do have weakness. Therefore Nokia as a company does have it own weakness and the weaknesses are as follows.

- Nokia fired a number of R&D employees in order to cut costs as of just weeks ago (Pepin G. 2009). As of that it will probably have effect on short run margin or long run margin. - Some of the products are not user friendly; if the customers face the problem the product then they have to face difficulty - The service centers in India are very few and scare. So after sales service is not good - Nokia has high prices as compared to others but its good quality and reliable Products somehow cover this weakness of Nokia but still it is weakness and lower class is unable to purchase Nokia products - Nokia's weakness may be that it has grown so huge, as the fifth most valuable brand in the world, that it cannot sustain its growth at its current rate. - Slow to adopt new ways of thinking: a good example is clamshell phones which are preferred by many customers. Nokia was reluctant to produce clamshell until this year, when it launched its first model. - Being the market leader and its increase role in Symbian is giving Nokia a bad image, much like Microsoft in the PC industry.

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