Nokia Promotion

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* NOKIA’S Thinking: A good product sells itself.

* NOKIA uses a pricing strategy that best suits the product. * Like It has the cheapest phones like NOKIA 1100 and costly phones like NOKIA Lumia.

* Nokia has opened its retail outlets ‘Nokia Priority’ as well as many authorized dealers at various places. Promotion
* Advertising, selling, sales promotion, public relations,etc. are the major weapons of marketing.

* Samsung touchphones and smartphones have three levels of product: core (they are communicational and fast computing devices), actual (they are branding stylish, have high quality, great packaging and features), and augmented (they are added with local repair and free upgrade services, the warranty).  Price

* In relation to the prices the company adheres the average prices. The prices above that level were set only by Nokia. Other competitors have lower prices. Samsung Incorporation uses the market-based method (the leader + psychological pricing), settling up the prices. 

* Samsung also has its own retail outlets of Samsung products. * Samsung mostly  provides distribution of its products only through intermediaries, who own special skills that allow them to offer these products to market more effectively. Promotion

* Samsung mainly focus on advertising through television, banners etc.

* Blackberry is a line of wireless handheld devices developed by the Canadian company, Research In Motion. * Blackberry Smart Phone supports the following features. 1. Push e-mail
2. Mobile Telephone
3. Blackberry Messenger
4. Internet Faxing
5. Web Browsing

* Blackberry has strategically placed Smartphone in all price ranges, as well as with different features to suit different needs. * They have given people the option to choose from a variety of model according to their need and budget, while maintaining...
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