Nokia Product Offering

Topics: Income statement, Pharmacology, Revenue Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: January 15, 2013
The main goal of the company is to improves people’s health and lives by providing or delivering the world’s best natural health solutions and want to become people’s first choice in healthcare industry. (Blackmores, 2011) And for that company has done extensive research to improve company’s understanding of how their brand, business and products are perceived (Blackmores, 2011). During the month of September in 2011 company announced deal with pharmacy guild in Australia to sell supplements to customers once their prescription are filled for antibiotic, blood pressure drug, cholesterol medicine. But soon they had to postpone the deal because of the news published in media. Medical authorities recommended that the use of such companion product can create serious blood stream infection (Collett, 2011). And to recover from such claim, company’s Chief executive had to come up and clarify the whole situation. He said, their products are like “Coke and Fries” for pharmacists to sell when dispensing prescription medicines. And it is claimed that, the use of their products can reduce the antibiotic –associated bloating, flatulence and diarrhoea. And the risk of suffering these side effects is very low (Harvey, 2011) First Blackmores involve in the ethical issues over the deal with pharmacy guild and then with Guild and Pfizer. Both the deal involve undisclosed payments from drug companies to Guild subsidiaries to ensure that dispensing software identifies certain prescription on which pharmacist are prompted to take action. And in both the deal, to on-sell Blackmores “companion” complementary medicines with prescription drug; in Pfizer case to sign up patients prescribed nine Pfizer brand name drugs to the company’s “support” programme (Harvey, 2011). Comprehensive Income Statement analysis:

For the year 2011, company’s main source of the income is the sales of their product. Apart from the sales, firm earn from the royalties and some other income. On the other hand...
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