Nokia Culture Case Study

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Corporate culture
When we speak of corporate culture it is first important that we understand it. It is almost similar to the culture we follow in daily life however it differs in terms of behaviour when it comes to corporate environment. In corporate culture people behave according to the standards set by its management, it is corporate culture which encourages them to contribute to success of company by giving new ideas. Corporate culture also determines the way employees interact with its customers. Few other things which contribute to corporate culture are Working style

Management hierarchy whether it is authoritative or democratic How much freedom the staffs get in doing innovation
Preferred way of working whether they prefer individual or team working Corporate culture is visible by the Way Company represents itself, their infrastructure, their way of advertising, the way they promote their business whether they are competitive or monopolist. It is also important to understand that corporate culture is not built overnight and it is a slow process which mainly starts from the leader of organisation. Leader of organisation delegates its vision to people and is achieved in the way leader wants. Hence the process of developing culture is slow as the results are not immediately visible. Nokia’s culture

When we take a look at the Nokia’s history, organisation has been in existence for more then 100 years now. If we consider the past it is one of the most successful developer of phones and that to at a competitive price. However the downfall or minimization in market share is because of its old culture which hasn’t changed with time. If we look at their product range we understand that Nokia had almost everything to be still world leader in phone industry, however they lost because of weak culture where every little or big thing had to go through extensive approvals. From the developments at Nokia it seems they were pioneer in smart phones as well as they...

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