Nokia Case Analysis

Topics: Mobile phone, Smartphone, Nokia Pages: 4 (1217 words) Published: October 3, 2013
Nokia - The SWOT Analysis

Strengths: Nokia is known to have the "largest network of distribution and selling” compared to the other mobile phone brands in the market. It is possible to say that this enlarges Nokia’s market share, makes Nokia products “easily available for the target costumers” and creates high brand awareness. Nokia’s attributes such as having a “user-friendly” system, and its accustomed usage are shown as to be the main reasons for the consumers to prefer Nokia. In addition, the variety of models Nokia provides to the many segments in the market, in other words, the wide range of choices it offers to its customers, increases the demand for Nokia. Finally, outside sources indicate “the re-sell value of Nokia phones are higher compared to other company’s products.” “The European Brand Institute” has also listed Nokia under the “Top 50 most valuable brands” and this reliable and recognized brand name creates customer loyalty, globally. Weaknesses: Nokia has many competitors in the mobile phone industry and its main competitors such as I-phone and Blackberry have a large market share. Considering that recently the competing brands are highly demanded, Nokia’s relatively less innovative technology is a recognizable weakness. With its high prices and less innovative technology compared to the competitor brands, Nokia will be eliminating lower class consumers who seek for low prices as well as upper class consumers who would be willing to pay for a advanced- technology product. Even though Nokia is one of the market leaders in the mobile phone industry, “its performance in smart phone market is abysmal in comparison with its competitors” , furthermore, even though Nokia offers a wide range of products, it does not provide “enough differentiation in product features.” Thus, currently, it seen that Nokia customers are facing an increasing dissatisfaction towards Nokia mobile phones, especially Nokia smartphones, while brands such as...
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