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ACL- I Sales

Workshop Task - I

A case study on ABC Company


ABC is the market leader in business-to-business (B2B) express delivery services. It operates in over 200 countries. It employs 10,000 people in the UK. ABC Express UK delivers over 3.5 million items a week. ABC keeps the same image across the world. The strap line ‘Sure we can’ is used on all its vehicles and material. ABC’s values underpin the way it is run. They focus on customer satisfaction, challenge, supporting staff, teamwork and profit.

Mission, aims and objectives

Organization-wide planning is called strategy. ABC’s strategy has its focus on ‘delivering a superior customer experience’. The mission statement supports this and reflects ABC’s core purpose. ABC’s mission is to:

* Exceed customers’ expectations
* Deliver value
* Lead the industry by instilling pride in our people.

Aims and objectives support this mission. Objectives should be SMART. These are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-related. Examples include: ‘Answer 85% of calls from customers within ten seconds’ and ‘Improve ABC’s carbon efficiency by 45% by 2020’.

Specific - exactly what is to happen?
Measurable - by quantity or proportion
Achievable - capable of being achieved within available resources Relevant - to the overall business or corporate objectives
Time-related - with a deadline attached

Building a strategy

A competitive strategy involves building core strengths. ABC’s strategies cover a number of important areas:

* What goods and services to produce.
* Which territories will give the best returns on investment? * How to become more competitive.

ABC’s Strategy Map is customer-focused. It helps people to understand their role in achieving the aims and objectives. ABC Express’ success was rewarded when the company was included in the Palladium Hall of Fame. This honors’ organizations that have shown extraordinary performance

Strategies are achieved through tactics. ABC’s tactics are:

* Operational Excellence - fast, reliable and quality services * Customer Relationship Management - understanding what customers want Innovation - understanding the future needs of customers

Delivering the strategy

ABC segments customers according to their needs. Some are...
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