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Before we start the main analysis it is useful to give you some of the basic informati-on about the discussed company.

I.Introduction of the company

Although the companies history reaches back to the nineteenth century, we will not go into it, simply because there is no need to know it and our paper will be unders-tandable without these facts.

In may 1992 the finnish company Nokia started to focus on telecommunications, and they are selling the first GSM-mobilephone. The companies goal in 1994 was to sell about five hundred thousand mobile phones. The goal was pulverised by selling more than twenty million mobile phones.

Today, Nokia is a world leader in digital technologies, including mobile phones, tele-communications networks, wireless data solutions and multimedia terminals.

In 2007 Nokia was worlds number one manufacturer of mobile devices with selling more then four hundred and seven units. With sales of more than fiftyone billion euros, they made a profit of eight million euros.

Hundred and twelve thousand employees indicates, how big the company is. The brand Nokia is the worlds´s fifth most valued brand, number one brand in Asia and Europe.

Nokia operates in three major business segment: Services and Software, Devices and Markets. The segment Markets is amongst others responsible for brand and marketing activities.  
II.Customer Analysis

III. Competitor Analysis

1.The present competitors

As Nokia operates in different market segments, it has different competitors in every segment:

1.1.High price segment

In the third quarter of 2008 the segment grows by 27.9 percent up to world-wide sells of almost forty million.

„Nokia“ is the segment leader with a market share of 38.9 percent in the third quarter of 2008. Even though they incur a loss of 12.5 percent according to 2007.

Owing to a growth of more then five hundred percent, „Apple“ assured the second place behind Nokia.

„Research in Motion“...
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