noise pollution

Topics: Sound pressure, Noise pollution, Sound level meter Pages: 5 (2687 words) Published: November 2, 2014
I.J.S.N., VOL.4 (4) 2013: 668-672

ISSN 2229 – 6441

Basavaraj M. Kalshetty & Basappa I. Karalatti

Commerce, BHS Arts and TGP Science College Jamkhandi, District Bagalkot, Karnataka state, India.

The modern civilization creates more and more noise, because of the development of Industries, machinery and Technology. It has been reported that noise inside the factories can become a health hazard causing deafness which includes temporary or permanent hearing loss. An assessment of noise pollution during different seasons in Industrialized and Urbanized towns were always highly polluted. The noise from different vehicles, festivals, transportations, blasting etc., and it is recorded that during festival (Diwali), marriage ceremony the noise levels as high as 110 dBA – 115 dBA and 106 dBA – 108 dBA respectively which were more than the permissible level have been recorded so far. The organizers of this festival are therefore advised to look out alternative ways of organizing the festival without excessive noise in the time of festivals. The public facing the risk of physiological ill effect of environmental pollution due to industrial development and other human activities. The sound levels generated by spinning mills of Banahatti and small scale Industries of Rabakavi. The average noise levels in the day time, after noon and night time were recorded and found to be the lowest noise levels during afternoon at the investigation periods. The traffic density and sound levels of individual vehicles and other human activities during afternoon time found in reduced levels. KEY WORDS: Noise pollution, industrialization, Urbanization, sound levels, physiological ill effect.

dBA, 92 dBA, and 88 dBA respectively. All the sites
under study showed higher sound level than the prescribed
limits of the central pollution control Board (CPCB). The
blowing of horns was up to 30-35 dBA above the
tolerance limits in urbanized city, the most noticeable
sources of noise pollution here are Lorries, autorikshaws,
motor bikes4. The physiological ill effect caused by noise
pollution is more aggravated during celebration of festival, marriage and other religious functions5. The noise from
fire crackers is one of the most important environmental
problems mainly during festive occasions. In the present
investigation two sites each from Banahatti and Rabakavi
cities were selected to measure the noise levels. The
minimum 68.2 dBA noise levels recorded at Rabakavi new
bus stand, while maximum 90.2 dBA sound level found at
Banahatti Vaibhav talkies. The noise level in other two
places namely Banahatti and Rabakavi old bus stand were
recorded to be 81.2 dBA and 78.5 dBA respectively. The
noise levels at Banahatti Vaibhav talkies, Banahatti bus
stand during the day time and night times were higher than
the permissible (legal) limit as prescribed by CPCB and
according to Egyptian Environmental law.

Noise pollution is an environmental problem in many
Urbanized and Industrialized towns. Industrialization has
given direct impact on natural ecosystem, the most
negative impact of industrialization are on air, water, soil and noise. The health hazards in humans due to noise
pollution are of varied types. The noise pollution study
will be carried out in Banahatti and Rabakavi both are
Urbanizing towns of Bagalkot district of Karnataka state.
These two twin towns situated in the north-west periphery
of Bagalkot district of the state. Towns are placed 30003200 feet above sea level on state high way and are situated about 20 kms. from Jamkhandi and 100 kms from
Kolhapur as well as Belagavi districts and are well
connected by roads from Bijapur to Sangli, Poona and
Mumbai. The noise levels were measured by using digital
sound level meter in the selected areas. The...
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