Noise Pollution

Topics: Pollution, Noise pollution, Sound Pages: 3 (739 words) Published: November 20, 2010
sources of noise pollution
Introduction to sources of noise pollution:..
Sources of Noise Pollution
Appliances used in the home such as mixer grinders, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, loudspeakers, television sets and music systems used with high volumes are the main sources of this kind of pollution. Small factories using machines cause a lot of noise pollution. Airplanes, .. Main causes of noise pollution:

Noise is a problem chiefly of the urban area. Loud noise is considered as pollutant. High frequency loud sound, creates various kinds of physical and mental problems. The unit of measurement of sound is decibel (dB). Any sound above, 80 decibel harms the ciliary cells situate.. Sources of Noise pollution explained below:

Domestic gadgets : Mixers, pressure cookers, washing machines, desert coolers, generators (as high as 100d B) fans, exhaust fans, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, telephones etc. Personal entertainments : Personal entertainment sources responsible for noise pollution are transistors, radio, record/ cassette .. Noise pollution control strategy:

The noise decibel value is reduced from its origin itself. Individuals can protect them self by using earplugs or mufflers. The decibel value of noise can be controlled at its point of the origin. .. Effect of noise pollution

The intensity of sound is measured using the unit called decibel (dB). Human ear is extremely sensitive to the wide range of intensity of sound from 0 to 180 decibel, anything beyond 140 decibel is deleterious to health. Noise pollution leads to increase in increased stress levels, blood pressur.. Noise pollution description

The sound level is the logarithm of ratio of the ambient intensity to the reference intensity (usually considered 10 -12 Wm -2 ). The unit of sound level is decibel (dB), a name that was chosen to recognize the work of Alaxandor Gram Bell. When the ambient sound intensity is equal to the reference intensity, the sound or .. Minimising Noise...
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