Nobody Is Perfect

Topics: English-language films, Core issues in ethics, Love Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: March 16, 2011
Nobody is perfect. You may have heard or read this phrase number of times. It’s really true. There are many kinds of people with different sorts of nature, different identities, hobbies and habits. You may meet some people having many or some having one or two habits or hobbies in common, may be good or bad. But remember as every one can’t be perfect or a completely good person. One may have some bad habits or some negative points by nature. As no one is completely good, there’s no one who is completely wicked. If we see a bad or a person doing wrong deeds we say that he is a wicked person or start calling him a rascal or whatever bad word comes to our mind. we stop our siblings and friends from joining him, we avoid even passing by bad people sometimes, but have you ever think that is this the way to behave with a living being????? Really no, we should hate bad deeds but we should not hate the one doing bad deeds as we don’t like diseases but we don’t start hating the one who is ill. It may be that the wicked person around you may possibly have one or two positive qualities or good habits which may differ him from us or grade him high in front of God. We may not leave a bad person doing wicked things. Although we can’t bring him towards the complete right way in a moment or two but we can draw a single habit of him to the right direction and we can help him out day by day or sometimes it may take a year. But even it’s done in a year your affection and love can lead him towards a good life. And one day you will be happy and feel proud that you have saved a man, infarct you have saved a family. It may take much time many of your works may be delayed, you would have to leave some parties but it’s a valued deed which will give you eternal happiness. As it’s said “if you have saved a man, you have saved the whole mankind”
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