Noble Gas and Mrs. Wang

Topics: Noble gas, Periodic table, River Pages: 3 (1056 words) Published: October 25, 2013
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Period 1 - Choices
Period 1 - Jade Soup
Period 1 - Love and Lasagna
Period 1 - The Old Demon
Period 1 - Those Three Wishes
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Period 3 - Those Three Wishes
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The Old Demon - full text Edit 4 2 …
The Old Demon
The Old Demon

Adapted from a story by Pearl S. Buck

Old Mrs. Wang knew of course that there was a war. Everybody had known for a long time that there was a war going on and that Japanese were killing Chinese. To Mrs. Wang, however, the war was not real and no more than rumor since none of the Wangs had been killed. Old Mrs. Wang’s clan village, the Village of Three Mile Wangs, on the flat banks of the Yellow River, had never even seen a Japanese person. Only the war caused them to talk about the Japanese. It was an early summer evening. After her supper, Mrs. Wang had climbed the dike steps, as she did daily, to see how high the river had risen. She was more afraid of the river than of the Japanese. She knew what the river could do. One by one, the villagers had followed her up the dike. They stood staring down at the mischievous yellow water, which was curling along like a lot of snakes and biting at the high dike banks. “I never saw it as high as this so early,” Mrs. Wang said. She sat down on a bamboo stool that her grandson, Little Pig, had brought for her, and spat into the water. “It’s worse than the Japanese, this old devil of a river,” Little Pig said recklessly. “Fool!” said Mrs. Wang quickly. “The river god will hear you....
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