Nobel Laureate Alice Munro's Life and Work

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7 Jan. 2014
2013 Nobel Prize Winner in Literature Alice Munro’s Career and Stories Following the procedure from nomination to announcement, the Swedish Academy announced Alice Munro to be the 2013 Nobel Laureate in Literature in October. Different from the winners from recent years, Ms. Munro is famous for her literary short stories instead of works that are “difficult to comprehend or overtly political” (Bosman). However, there is something unique about Alice Munro’s works that helped her win the Nobel Prize in Literature. Munro has an early start in writing and was influenced by many American writers: “Ms. Munro knew she wanted to be a writer from the time that she was a teenager and wrote consistently while she helped her first husband, James Munro, run a bookstore and raise their three daughters” (Bosman). Basically, she wrote when she wasn’t at work or before she finished the house works. In a Paris Review Interview, Ms. Munro said “I was supposed to be doing housework, and I would also do my writing then.” She also claimed in the same interview: “I wrote a lot of stuff that wasn’t any good, but I was fairly productive.” In addition, Ms. Munro talks about her being a “big reader” before she started her own writing. She declared that “Reading was my life really until I was thirty. I was living in books.” During the same interview, Ms. Munro talked about how the writers of the American South were the first writers who inspired her that “you could write about small towns, rural people, and that kind of life I knew very well.” Therefore, she has produced stories based on the setting of her native rural Ontario. Although Munro is recognized as a giant in writing short stories, she said that she focused on the genre that would make her famous is “somewhat by accident.” After years of practicing on writing short stories, she told the New Yorkers in 2012 that “Then I found that...

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