No Wounds

Topics: Love Conquers All, Trigraph, Gh Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: March 6, 2011
noong 1902 isinulat niya ang Walang Sugat na masasabing isa sa mga pinakakilala niyang akda. Ang Walang Sugat din ay naging simula ng ginintuang panahon ng sarsuwela sa bansa.ito ay naisa pelikula noong 1939 at 1957.

Walang Sugat by Severino Reyes is probably one of the well known examples of Zarzuelas to date. Although Severino Reyes have written several other works, Walang Sugat gained a considerable sucess during the zarzuela’s golden era in 1930s. It rose again to prominence after the Second World War and won over the younger generations of zarzuela aficionados during its revivals in 1979 and 1992. Even if it has gone through several ordeals through the years it does not seem to lose its appeal to its loyal audience.

The first part of the zarzuela introduced the main characters Tenyong and Julia. Tenyong was enjoying sweet time with his sweetheart Julia when news came that his father was arrested by the Spanish officers due to suspicion of his seditious activities against the government. The cruelty of his captors led to his death forcing the young Tenyong to avenge his father’s death by joining the rebels and taking on what his father had started. But this decision meant leaving his family and his beloved Julia behind. The ever hopeful and faithful Julia can only do nothing but support the decision of Tenyong and prayed to the high heavens that time will come that all these things that disturbed their love will come to pass.

Julia singing the first verse of the song “Bayan Ko” as she bids farewell to Tenyong who will soon join the rebel forces to fight for his countrymen against abusive Spanish authorities. As if separation was not enough. News came for Julia that she was to be engaged to Miguel in the second act. The rich yet witless son of Don Tadeo, a family friend of

Tenyong upon learning the bad news of Julia’s engagement to Miguel swore to come back and save the woman he loves as he prayed to God singing “Wag mo sanang Dulutan.” Julia’s,...
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