No to Gmo

Topics: Genetically modified organism, Genetically modified food, Monsanto Pages: 4 (1140 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Joseph Edward Bennett
WR121: Research Essay
24 AUG 2013

Your Food is Killing You
During a time in the world where unemployment is at record highs and the cost a food has become staggering, farmers and businessmen alike have sought out new forms and methods of growing food. One of these methods has been using genetically modified crops. Most people do not even know what GMO’s are, where they come from, and how eating these foods are affecting their bodies.

According to the United Stats Department of Labor, the unemployment rate of Americans still sets at an unbelievable 7.6 percent. “This number does not bring hope to the agricultural area of the states that continually seek out ways of improving its income” (BLS web).

The U.S. agricultural system is considered one of the best in the world and continues to increase in productivity. However “opinion varies as to whether the tremendous biological, chemical, and mechanical advances of the last few decades can persist”(Monthly Labor Review, p.16). “The complexity and scale of modern agriculture may pose prohibitive costs in realizing further substantial productivity gains" (Monthly Labor Review, p.16).

Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen created the first GMO in 1973. In 1982 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first GM drug, Humulin the first bacteria to produce human insulin. In 1986 tobacco was the first genetically modified crop to be field tested in Belgium. 1992 the U.S. FDA declared that GM foods are “not inherently dangerous” so they would not require special regulation (

According to, “Monsanto is a US based agricultural and pharmaceutical is a producer of monopoly, Monsanto Company herbicides, prescription pharmaceutical drugs, and genetically engineered (GMO) seeds.” Monsanto has been at the forefront of injecting toxins and chemicals into our food making humans the only species on earth that poisons them on purpose and pay money to...

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