No Tears For Frankie

Topics: Family, Black people, Race, White people, High school, Slavery / Pages: 2 (411 words) / Published: Feb 16th, 2016
In the writing “No Tears for Frankie by Gina Greenlee”, the writer expressed a recollection of a thoughts of former classmate. The student was introduced as Frankie a from her child bully. She recalls about his death, funeral, & her days of torment from him. The article was released in the “lives” section of the New York Times.
To illustrate, she began to talk about how Frankie died while she was in the fifth grade. Everybody in the class had planned to attend the funeral. He didn’t think that was a good idea. He thought it would’ve brought back crummy sub consciousness, but she wanted to make sure he was breathless inside of his casket.
Specifically, Frankie would mess with all of the girls in school but he and his crew targeted out Gina as their main victim. She says “He tormented all of the girls in our class. But Frankie relished singling me out - the only black girl in a sea of Jewish girls……” (Greenlee, Gina. "No Tears for Frankie.")Frankie always tormented the girls by sexually harassing them when authority wasn’t around. For example the writer says, “Frankie and his crew would grab my breast, genitals, and buttocks when the teachers weren’t looking, their hands, and quick as filthy street rats, darted across my private
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They didn’t retaliate the same accordingly. Her friend invited her over her house to play with some dolls to get her mind off of the events. All of the teachers just told her that he had a little crush on her. She didn’t tell he Father until after 15 years after the attacks. The final altercation she had with Frankie he stuffed her in the closet until the teachers arrived. They fought and scuffled none of the other students got involved. She says in front of all of them “… I told Frankie that I hated his guts and hoped he would die.” He later on died that that year. Since Frankie was a mischievous being always up to no good he got electrocuted tampering with public

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