No Tears for Frankie

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Summary of “No Tears for Frankie” by Gina Greenlee

In “ No Tears for Frankie” the author Gina Greenlee shares with us about what a horrible experience she had when she was 10. Frankie who used to bully and sexually assault her died when she was in fifth grade. When he was alive he and his crew would grab her breasts, and other private areas. They would also push her from the stairs, punched and kicked her. She told her friend about what happened so she started to go over her friends after school so she won’t get bullied by Frankie and his crew. Later, her father found out that she was at her friends not at the after school program without knowing what was happening to her at the after school program. In the essay she tells us why she didn’t tell her father, “ I didn’t tell him because I didn’t think he could help me.” She did tell her teachers but they didn’t believe her. One morning when the teachers stepped away from the classroom, Frankie and his crew pushed her into the closet with Frankie, in the essay she tells us what happened in the closet alone with him, “ As he kept touching me, i tried to push him away and screamed to be let out. But Frankie’s friends held steadfast until the teachers arrived; then they scrambled to their seats.” Sadly when teacher came back none of the other kids spoke out for her. But at that moment she told Frankie in front of everybody that she hates him and hoped he would die. When he died she didn’t cry. She was 10, and she was very

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