No Sugar - Dramatic Performance

Topics: Racism, White people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 3 (1107 words) Published: March 20, 2006
Dramatic Performance

Directors of stage performances usually use Dramatic performance to hold the viewers attention and also bring obvious ideas to the viewer's attention. Jack Davis uses dramatic performance in his stage play ‘No Sugar'. To deliver this dramatic performance that regards Aboriginal values, Jack Davis uses a rage of techniques such as characterization and language. He does this in order to position the reader/viewer into completely agreeing with his views on racial discrimination, segregation and marginalization.

Jack Davis depicts Aboriginal living conditions to be very basic and poor. He provides a revised and extensive description throughout the stage play. With this being a stage play, the representation of the scenes may differ from play to play, but they still outline the main ideas that Jack Davis was trying to convey - poverty, inadequate housing and depressing life style. Jack Davis describes household items in depth and says they are all home made. This is shown in scene one "David and Cissie play cricket with a home made bat and ball". By including the idea that most of these items are home made, Jack Davis reflects the real life fact that all Aboriginals had to build and create their own possessions as nothing was provided for them except bare essentials. Jack Davis conveys this idea thickly in scene one as the reader/viewer is told about them having a home made bat and ball, they are told that the Aboriginals need to kill a rabbit for dinner, they have to go to a waterhole to wash their clothes and the kids argue about money until they are given a small sum of three pence each, which pleases them. Due to this story being set during the depression, people are always cutting corners in order to save money. In scene six it seems necessary to ask that a dead Aboriginal gets buried inside a coffin and not wrapped up in a rag "And don't you go wrappin' him up in the gubment blanket. You put him in a proper box"....
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