No Room At The Inn Analysis

Topics: Fallacy, Critical thinking, Appeal to emotion Pages: 4 (781 words) Published: April 2, 2016

In “No Room at the Inn” Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (2002) argues on how immigrants changed from being in high status in Europe to being discriminated. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown has a bachelor in English literature from Makerere University(Wikipedia, 2014). Also, she has a Master of philosophy degree in English Literature. Also, Alibhai-Brown writings focus on immigration, multiculturalism and diversity. Furthermore, Yasmin wrote several books that has been successful such as the Independent and Who do we think we are?. Also, she worked as a journalist for a very famous newspaper company that is called New York Times. Alibhai-Brown received various prizes in journalism such as EMMA Media Personality of the year in 2002 and EMMA Award in Journalism in 2004(

Yasmin studied literature which make her credible to a certain degree. Also, being a Ugandan born living in the United Kingdom makes her able to write about immigration and how people in Europe react to immigrants. Furthermore, Yasmin taught immigrants and refugees in her early life and that makes her aware of how people in Europe treat them. However, her major in literature does not make her credible to write about immigration and defend them with proper knowledge. Also, she is known for being racist, so that makes her uncredble.


Alibhai-Brown states that these days refugees face difficulties in order to enter the european countries. Also, she notes that European politicians see white immigrants as peaceful people whereas dark or brown skin immigrants bring trouble to the community. Furthermore, Alibhai-Brown argues on how outsiders such as africans and asians remade europe and developed it to a certain degree. Moreover, She states that european governments should put a clear policy and education campaigns in order to reduce the immigrants impacts such as...
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