No Religion Teaches Hatred

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Does religion teach to hate any one?
Any religion which is truly for God would never teach anyone to hate others. On the contrary it would always teach people to forgive, to be kind and to be fair even to those who are not good to you cannot be for God in any manner....No religion teaches anybody to hate anyone and to fight in the name of religion.The one who truly believes and know the true meaning of their religion will come to know

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Do we all agree that TERRORISM IS THE OUTCOME OF RELIGIOUS TEACHING ? like marxist communism, racial or language superiority can also fall prey to rigidy of beliefs.Thank You....No. Though it seems so, it is not so. No religion teaches hatred for other human beings. No religion teaches terrorism. All the religions teach love and brotherhood.However, it is some misguided souls, who do not understand the real teachings of their own religion, spread hatred in the name

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Well Friends I believe in god, but I despise religion. Is that normal or weird? shows the way to God . They never hate brother or sister of any religion. The religions gives good teaching and never dispise others. WE have so many religions in the wrold hindus , christian , buddhism. Then Jesus said to that woman , Sin no more and go in peace. Religion brings peace not hatred . You can follow or not follow according to you concience and understanding....Religion is the way, the path, "

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why most people do not tolerate others religion?
religions....Every person has a respect towards his religion,every body loves his/her religion ,but it is not true that most people hate or cant tolerate other religion,few person spreading the hatred among their religion as the best.6.In some occasion, some self interested persons take advantage of ignorance of people and instigate them against the other religion....Though all religions teach repect and tolerance

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If religion is for peace, why do people fight for religion?
....No religion teaches you hatred or violence. Only those who misunderstand religion fight on religion. Most of the communal riots are politically motivated. Religion is for peace. But those who fight over teach to live in harmony and to respect other religions with reverence.It is the bigots that bring the blot.Thy become too much enthusiastic.They try to convince others.It is not easy to convert otyhers

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What are interesting facts about Hinduism?
of what is asked, as well as the softening of karma. An attitude of understanding and tolerance is taught within the religion, where all religious teachings are not to be looked down upon and that no oneWhen it comes to Hinduism, it is believed to be the oldest religion in the world, where its origin occurs before history was ever recorded. There is no founder to give credit to its discovery

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Is religion the root of all evils ?
message of any religion. Thanks for your question....It is not religion that is the root of all evils. It is the interpretition that is the cause.No religion spreads a lesson of hatred,mischief or miseryIam beginning to feel so.We would be better off without any religion....Religion cannot be the root of all evils. Religion is a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe

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Me being...
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