No Pain, No Gain

Topics: High school, School, Weight training Pages: 3 (1332 words) Published: October 9, 2013
No Pain, No Gain
Moving into another state was harder than what I thought. When your family tells you it will be just for a few months, it can turn out to be even more than that. Not being able to talk to my friends and loved ones as often as before made me feel out of place. Being in a position where becoming stronger the only option. Having to leave the past and begin to look into the future. I had to search what was best for me regardless the limits or obstacles.

July, 2009 a hot night in El Paso, Texas. While playing video games on my Xbox 360 the phone rang, my mom answered and then I asked her: “Who is it?” My mom said: “It’s your aunt from Iowa”. I noticed they had talked for a while. Eager to know what the call was about, I got closer so I could hear well. My mom kept on looking at me as if my aunt told her something about me. After she hung up, she asked me with excitement: “Would you like to go and live with your aunt in Iowa for a while so you can visit and get to know different places?!” I wasn’t expecting that question so I didn’t know what to answer at the moment. I guess she thought it would be great for me to have that experience since I always loved to travel. I spent the night thinking about it, I knew leaving the state meant leaving my friends, family and girlfriend as well. Also, while I thought about it, I knew I could come back to El Paso in case I didn’t like it. I also thought it would be a great experience to live. I had the opportunity to meet new people and get to know many different places, so I accepted. The next morning I went to school, since there was a lot of traffic I couldn’t get on time to school that day, so I had to stay in the office for the first hour. When I got back to class I planned on telling my friends about leaving. I wanted it to be lunch time already so I could talk to them about it. When the lunch bell finally rang, I rushed to look for my friends; I let them know that I needed to talk to them about a very...
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