No Pain No Gain

Topics: Family, Gain, 2008 albums Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Lance Sataraka
Period 2
No Pain, No Gain

No pain no gain
How much of you have had to sacrifice your time or change your plans to go and do something else like go practice or work on something? What is pain?
What is gain?
In my family my mom, dad, and sister had to constantly had to sacrifice their time to get to their goal. It took them a lot of time, blood, and sweat to reach where they are right now. I am the only one in my family that hasn’t worked hard at something and continuously to get somewhere. I don’t have the best grades, I don’t have the best skills at sports, I’m not the nicest person, and I’m not the most popular guy. I haven’t been working very hard to accomplish anything! I haven’t put in a lot of time, blood, and sweat into anything! I haven’t had any pain so I haven’t really gained anything! Wrong! I am always gaining something, I might not know it but every second I gain something! My dad has gone through a lot of trouble in his life he was born in the village of Taputimu in Samoa and then when he was five his mom and dad (my grandma and grandpa) moved to Hawaii. When they got here they were very poor they had to live in the housing. My dad sometimes wouldn’t eat because they were so poor, and sometimes he would have to make bad choices and go steal from the store to go get food for his mom and dad. My dad was raised in the bad parts of Hawaii; he went to school at McKinley high school. For him to stay out of trouble he started boxing he trained and worked hard, put time, blood, and sweat into boxing. He had pain and he surely gained from it. He learned from all his life lessons and now pushes my sister and I to something that we like and he helps us until we have gained something he we usually gain disciple and more respect. My sister (Masha) she’s a freshman at UCLA my dad has pushed her so much she went through a lot of pain mentally and physically and she physically gained a lot. My dad would take...
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