No Ones a Mystery

Topics: Woman, Love, Marriage Pages: 3 (1223 words) Published: April 26, 2012
Jorge Duran
ENGL 1023
Rough draft
No Ones Mystery
In the story called No One's Mystery talks about an impossible relationship between an eighteen year old girl and an old merry man. The story begins with a present that the old man called Jack gives to the girl for her eighteenth birthday. The scenes explore a relation between two characters, in which both quite debatable. The young girl in this history remains nameless and could be considered ingenuous, while Jack is a corrupted guy which thinks he is the perfect gift for woman. The way that Jack treats this girl is horrible, and how this girl can endure to a type as he. No true man would celebrate their significant birthday in the way he did with this girl. As gift, he gives her a diary, probably old and used, with a handle that does neither works. They spend the day in their noisy truck, hiding from his wife and probably having some drinks and maybe burning out in the hot weather. In today’s society a relationship like it happened in the story No One’s a Mystery in can be appropriated. The social status of being merry would not affect a relationship. When to people love each other; is normal, even though he have to hide him selves from a first married, but he can continue together. On the other hand I think a behavior is amoral. Men being married have responsibilities’, but he could leave those responsibilities away, and leave with her lover. I think if two people loved each other, and two hearts are beating together, it won’t matter what social status they have. They simply love each other, and those two would try to start all over again to be where they wanted to be. The meaning of this story reflects our society in many points of view. Like today it seems normal for any men to have two relationships or even more. A first married, a second married, or third is like trading an old pair of shoes for something much newer. Now is normal to make mistakes at any point of a relationship. If a...
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