No One Cares About the Full Story Anymore

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Argumentative Essay

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No One Cares About the Full Story Anymore

As I sat here pondering how to go about this paper and what sides I should take to elicit this argument, I looked for resources. Being born in the era of computers and technology, I obviously went to my computer as the sole provider. I do not use the library or books. I go for what is most accessible. I do not watch the news on the television every night at 6, I look up on the internet what is going on in the world. I do not go to workshops or classes to learn how to paint something properly; I look up videos online. If the internet was gone one day all of a sudden, how schools and our students would struggle immensely with the requirement of them having to think. Students would need to question and actually search for answers rather than following exactly what they are told. Not long ago families sat down at night either before or after supper (never during) to watch the news. The news was consistent, trustworthy and structured. The news was the way of bringing the outside worlds into living rooms and initiating discussion and questions about who, what, when, where and why. Families spent quality time discussing their beliefs and opinions during the commercials. The youth today don’t see the internet as a learning tool, but as a way of life. They don’t need this family time around dinner to discover the dependant news cast when they have tablets and smart phones attached to their hands at all times. Getting help from my parents with my homework always meant going to the bookshelf for the dictionary or encyclopedia. There was no grabbing the Ipad or opening a laptop screen to search the web for the answer. There was one answer, and each resource back then had the same answer because the people who created these texts took the time to research many resources for the best answers. We trusted these texts because we trusted the well educated people behind the...

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