No More Teachers, Lots of Books.

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School is out for the summer which means more homework, reading, papers, and projects to do. Parents believe it “over burdens their children and sends many back to school burnt out and sick of learning”. In addition making the students summer/ break from school filled with “vacation homework”. Arguably the summer assignments are also to help the students prepare for what is going to be taught during the school year. First, have the parents ever wondered why there children would take honors/AP courses knowing that they would be assigned some type of homework? Second, are parents aware that doing summer homework is helping students to retain what they’ve learned during the school year? “No More Teachers, Lots Of Books” being argued by Sara Bennett and Nancy Kalish argues about the excessive amount of summer assignments being given out during students break.

When given extra work you are obligated to be ahead of other students which is making them more competitive, healthy, and happy. As stated in the article by Bennet and Kalish “All parents want their children to be happy, healthy, and competitive in a highly competitive world.” Although having enormous amounts of homework every night of the summer or even during school is redundant and could be cut down to a minimum, so that there is more free time for the students . For example a teacher can assign a book to read over summer and a essay to go along with it. So, this assignment is challenging yet easy at the same time. Summer assignments are an acceptable way to get students ahead on the material that other teens their age are not even going to grasp until the middle of the year if that.

Vocational homework is given to help students into the rigorous course that they are enrolled in for the year. As Bennet and Kalish argue that homework has “no benefit at all and that most studies have found little correlation between homework achievement (meaning test score grades), are wrong in countless ways.” For...
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