No More Dead Dogs

Topics: Character, American football, Protagonist Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: November 21, 2010
1.Title of book: No more dead dogs
2.Author: Gordon Korman
4. Setting (where): Bedford Middle School, present day
5.Theme (what): A kid telling always the truth and that got him in trouble

Main Characters:Give a brief description of each character
1. Wallace WALLACEThe main character. Good kid telling always the truth 2. Rachel TURNERDylan sister’s and his girlfriend
3. Steve CAVANAUGHBest Friend or ex-best friend
4. Nathaniel SPITZNERMember of club drama
5. Rick FALCONI and Feather WRIGLEYFootball players

Summary: Write a summary about the story
Wallace was a kid that his parents fight a lot for lying. For this reason, he made a promise to himself that he will never tell a lie.
He was asked to make a homework where he had to review the English teacher latest Book “Old Shep. My Pal “ . He writes that he hated the book. He did not like it because the dog die. He got detention until he writes a good review He was a football player, he was a hero of the Giants team. He scored the winning touchdown. With this detention he miss practice and games. His teammates started to hate him, he eve lose his best friend Steve. Detention was in drama club where they where rehearsing the play of book he hated. At the beginning he thought that was the worse punishment ever. He started to share what he think about the play. He always tell the truth. He started to comment in the dialogues and staging. His ideas were very good. But there was someone trying to ruin the play. In one of the pranks they trough Marbles by the floor., his name was Dylon. In all this he meet Rachel and make her Is girlfriend.

How did the story end? (conclusion)
If you fight wit a friend at some point you have to rejoin as a friend. This is what Happened to Steve and Wallace. The drama club set them apart, but at the end they see the funny part of all and continue with the friendship

Did you like the book? Why or Why not?
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