No More Couch Potatoes

Topics: Nutrition, Dieting, Eating Pages: 1 (438 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Healthy living is many things. It’s not being the skinniest person ever, nor is it being fat. It’s eating enough, eating proper food and exercise regularly. Of course, I think it’s okay to sometimes eat some chips or take a glass of cola, but not all time. Encourage to do physical activity is harder to some than it is to others. For some, it’s the easiest thing to go to the gym, or start jogging, while others can’t get themselves started. And I know a lot a people who don’t understand that. If you for example take a look at my mother, father and sister you see people who are ready to work out everyday and when you look at me, you see a lazy person. I can’t find the courage, not even when my parents tell me everyday how fat I am. I tried to start a diet a little over a month ago where I only may eat salad and proper breakfast. Let’s just say that it didn’t worked more than a week. It started getting hard not even to eat some meat and stuff, and I slowly got out of it again. The day today, I still eat salad in the week, but in the weekend I allows myself to eat meat and such. The worst thing is, that instead of loosing weight, I keep gaining. And that’s when my parents start getting mad at me. People have tried stopped them, telling them to take things a little more easy, but they don’t. When I look at the study about ‘Diet and health habits of average adults in the US.’, I see the difference between adults I know here in Denmark and the adults from the United States. So many grown up people who don’t eat breakfast or get their sleep! It’s so weird to think of. I hate when I miss both things, so thinking that so many people does that, just seems wrong. And the TV watching? I think that is pretty normal, also here in Denmark. Maybe I don’t watch much TV, but a lot of people turn on the TV when they get home from school/work and then watch until eating. And then, they’re going back to watch some more. I think that if you want to go on a diet, I shouldn’t be ‘cut...
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