No Matter How Much We Try We Cannot Change Who We Are

Topics: Sex reassignment surgery, Change, Transgender Pages: 3 (1296 words) Published: July 26, 2013
No matter how much we try we cannot change who we are.
No matter how much we try we cannot change who we are. A change is defined as the act or instance of making or becoming different and is very difficult to achieve, however not impossible. Our physical characterisitcs and how others perceive these characteristics and what we post online affect our identity and are generally impossible to change. On the other hand people can change who they are, such acts can be seen with gender changes or plastic surgery and simply altering the way we see ourselves. No matter how much we try we cannot change who we are. How we look and behave to others can affect our identity. Our physical characteristics come about as a result of DNA which we inherit from our parents and are simply impossible to change. The colour of our skin, the colour of our eyes or our heights can’t be changed permanently and affect our identity because everyone perceives beauty differently. The novel, “The Member of the Wedding” displays this idea perfectly. At one point in the novel, the protagonist- Frankie- makes a remark about her growth, “according to mathematics and unless she could somehow stop herself she would grow to be over nine feet tall. And what would be a lady who is over nine feet high? She would be a freak.” At the local fair the previous year, Frankie visited the house of freaks; she describes the features that aid the ‘freaks’ to be seen as ‘freaks’. Frankie says “The Giant was more than eight feet high, with huge loose hands and a hang-jaw face. The Fat Lady sat in a chair, and the fat on her was like loose-powdered dough… next was the squeezed Midget who minced around in little trick evening clothes. The Wild Nigger came from a savage island… The little Pin Head skipped and giggled and sassed around, with a shrunken head no larger than an orange.. The last.. Half-Man Half-Woman, a morphidite and a miracle of science.” From this information it is clear to see that our outward...
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