No Logo (Nike's Labor Practices)

Topics: Wage, Minimum wage, Employment Pages: 3 (860 words) Published: October 6, 2008
The research I have done about Nike’s labor practices was very interesting. I looked up responses of Nike to accuses on them on the internet. I found a couple of publications at After I read them, I realized that Nike proclaims the same thing in an exaggerated style in every single one of them. For example in a Nike statement regarding the working conditions in El Salvador, Nike says that their constant goal always used to be to improve the safety at the working place and the indoor air quality and they proclaim that they are spending $19 million for community services in the whole world. This all sounds very nice and responsible but when you start to read other Nike statements regarding the working conditions in China or Vietnam, you will find the exact same answers. In an open letter response to the United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) Nike also states the same goals and interests as in the others and then continues: “ Therefore, what more can we say to you other than you have focused on the "right issue but on the wrong company." We cannot speak for all global companies or force them to follow our lead. We also have heard you say you focus on Nike because we are the market leader – not because we've necessarily done anything wrong.“ ( To be honest, I find this response absolutely pathetic. I will explain why I do think so. After reading the statements of Nike I read passages of Tim Connor’s book “Still waiting for Nike to do it” where Connor attacks Nike to have absolutely intolerable working conditions in all of their factories in developing countries. Nike produces only in third world countries because the wages they have to pay the workers, are much lower and they do not have to consider as many working-regulations as in industrialized countries. The whole book is an attack against Nike. I do not know if everything Tim Connor writes is the truth, but his information is based on research...
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