No Homework During Holiday Breaks

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Students Shouldn’t Have Homework During Holiday Breaks!
Mahnoor Ali
L.A. – 7A

What is the point of a holiday break when students have to do homework during it? Why is it called a holiday break if students aren’t really getting a break from school work? Honestly a holiday break is not really a break if students have homework. But, if students have no homework during a holiday break then it will truly be a break, which is why some people think that students should have no homework during holiday breaks. Also, there are many reasons why students should have no homework during holiday breaks. Sometimes, too much homework can be too much pressure on students. Not only that, but holiday breaks are for holidays and fun, not homework. Furthermore, homework is not really the best thing to help students with. Without homework, a holiday break can actually be enjoyable and fun for students.

Initially, too much homework can be too much tension for students. Homework during holiday breaks can put lots of stress on students. Students might be concerned about homework so much that they might not have any time to actually enjoy their break and spend time with friends and family. With no homework during holiday breaks, students will have lots of time they can enjoy by doing things they love to do. Mainly, they will have no pressure on themselves at all. Furthermore, 70% of American kids have homework related stress. In fact, surveys and research has showed that 27 out of 58 students feel stressed or overwhelmed because of homework! Overall, if students do not get homework during holiday breaks, they can have fun during their holiday breaks and they will not be stressed or overwhelmed by homework.

Secondly, holiday breaks are for fun and a break from school, it’s not for more homework! Holiday breaks should be fun-filled and exciting for students. Students should not spend their holiday break doing homework every day. Also, doing homework makes kids hate...
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