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No Gay News is Good News

By chansara0225 Feb 14, 2013 1065 Words
(No) Gay News = Good News

2012 has been a year of celebration for the LGBT family. Gay news has constantly dominated the media, became a buzz, and even a topic in the City Forum (城市論壇). In March, Anthony Wong proudly shouted “I am gay!” (「我是一個同性戀者」) on his concert,DJ-turned legislative councilor Ray Chan publicly disclosed his sexual orientation after winning the 2012 legislative election, followed by Gigi Chao announcing her marriage with her wife, Sean, and then concluded by Denise Ho saying her “should-have-done-ages-ago” coming out speech during the HK Pride Parade 2012. An issue which has always existed but treated invisibly has finally risen to the surface, as if a powerful sea creature being called awake.

Why is there such a thing as “coming out”?

Today, gay issues still make big news, and coming-out is still headline-material publishable news. Is this good or bad? In a society which homosexuality is still considered as a taboo, when religions organizations still consider homosexuality as sexual immorality and relates it to a deadly sin, I would say that coming out must still stir up “a big deal”, and also be newsworthy, so as to ‘speak up’ for the gays and raise public awareness.

We are not quite there yet – the utopic world when gay news should not be a big deal, and coming-out should not be an “issue” – if there was normalcy of homos and heteros, why would only homos need to “come out” while heteros never need to say “Mom, I’m straight, please don’t disown me”. If “coming out” was to be celebrated by the straight or gay population, would the underlying predisposition (even of gays) of “homosexuality” be abnormality, and it is to be reasonably-marginalized?

The labeling of queerness with sophistication

Deng Xiaoyu (鄧小宇), the man who established “City Magazine” (《號外》), once criticized that queerness has become a kind of labeling with style and sophistication. Undeniably, queer is sometimes viewed as a popular trend, and the media associates queer with taste, fashion and chic. I have noticed that a lot of cultural intellects who are society activists are mostly queer. Examples may be: Edward Lam (林奕華), Wyman, Chow Yiu Fai (周耀輝), Kengo (健吾), littleoslo (小奥) and Yue Dik Wai(余迪偉). They are all explicitly gay and have politicized their “personal”. There is a kind of “gay sensibility”, or rather gay humour in their writings and productions that gay people can identify with. Hence, I think that rather than publicly telling people “Hi, I am gay”, the underlying projections of the “personal” onto one’s published writings or lyrics are much more mellow and layback forms of self-identity.

On Anthony Wong’s change – the “personal” into the”political”

A few years ago, I read a question posted on a local forum, “Is Anthony Wong mentally sick?” (「黃耀明其實是咪有精神病?」). Well, apart from asserting that this must be some low quality mockery posted by some anti-Anthony Wong netizen, I thought – born artists like him must indeed be mentally sick in some way. I have always loved Anthony Wong - I had been fascinated by his perfectionist style of singing, the abysmal depths of his voice. He is one of the few artists who surprise people when producing a cover of other artist’s songs, but it is only one way – no one can sing his songs. I even used how much one appreciated Anthony’s singing as a parameter to judge people.

Anthony Wong may forever remain the mystical “Ming Gor”, , unveiled in his silver jeweled mask, and having his identity swimming endlessly in his lyrics, lost in endless “he” and “shes” (「他」 & 「她」s). He can forever cloth himself under a veil, hide his body and be unfathomable. Undeniably, the distance that the singer creates with the audience allows the fans to craze even more in his voice, and his songs which are left to interpretation, look at Shirley Kwan – has she ever talked publicly about her affairs? She only talks about her music.

Politicizing the Personal

However, in these recent years, Ming Gor has become an activist in politics. He now partakes in political demonstrations - sharing his political views on social networks or even in his concerts, he literally used Hong Kong politics as a theme in his concert 「達明一派兜兜轉轉演演唱唱會」. Also, he injected doses of politics into his songs, e.g. 「排名不分先後左右忠奸」by Tat Ming Pair. He also “politicizes his body”, participating in political demonstrations, such as the recent National Education controversy, speaking up for the people oppressed by authorities.

In March this year, goosebumps had completely crawled over my body when he came out in his concert – probably not because of the line “I am a homosexual” (「我是一個同性戀者」), but because of the boldness and bravery that is embedded in this line. I was so proud to be in the audience stand. Now, he always “politicizes the personal” – he is almost always the gay figure or the spokesmen of the gay community, and he participated in the HK Pride Parade, and in every gay rights campaign and demonstration. The price of politicizing the personal might be huge, Ming Gor also admitted that some shows were cancelled after his coming out, but if nobody starts to talk about it, nobody will ever talk about it.

Media Representations and Wordings on Queer

There is a big improvement in media wordings and representations of the LGBT over these few years. I have this special interest of keeping magazines related to lesbian (or gay, but less) issues, and I’ve noticed the gradual eradication of ambiguous, unserious, and degrading wordings such as “Brokeback”(「斷背」). However, there are still some ridiculous presentations of gays or lesbians, such as using putting “couple” (「情侣」) in quotations, as if gay couples are not “real couples”.

What I wish for is that famous people in the limelight can have no fear to show their true sexual orientation (even although the beautiful reputations of “First openly-gay HK legislator”/ “First openly-gay HK male & female star”/ “First HK female star who announced same-sex marriage” has already been taken up). Celebrities should not care to admit their sexuality - perhaps not necessarily on a public stage, but in private interviews. This will keep the ball rolling, keep agglomerating attention from the mass, so that one day, news about “coming out” will just be news as common and boring as weather forecasts.

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