no controle of the student council

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No Control over the Student Council
David L. Macias
Our Lady of the Lake University

No Control over the Student Council

1. How will Tamara do as President of the student body?

Base on the information provided by the text, it seems as if Tamara will succeed as the President of the student body. First, Tamara was voted by the student body, her own peers, which indicate that Tamara was well liked and had shown great success as a leader in her previous rolls. The text states that Tamara likes her council members and they seemed to like her. According to the Least Preferred Co-worker (LPC) test that Tamara took, she is “relationship motivated,” which leads to the conclusion that she is well-liked (Northouse,2013,p.131).The most important part to her success will be that she will have learned to use situational variables in her leadership styles. If Tamara learns to use contingency theory, then she will have success in her quest to be the best student body president because it is state that “Contingency theory suggests that situations can be characterized in three factors: Leader-member relations, task structure, and position power.” (Nothouse,2013,p.131).Base on the LCP test Tamara will be met with challenge concerning the decisions she makes in the best interest of her student body, and should have success during her term as student body president. 2. According to her LPC score what are her primary needs.

As stated in the case study, Tamara will have to learn to become task motivated with little position of power because of her position. Tamara first job as President will have to be assessing a computer fee to all the student body, which will have a major impact on the students’ tuition. Since nothing has been established yet in regards to the computer fee, Tamara will have to meet with her council to see how they want to address and incorporate this new policy. Tamara will have to use her position of power to conduct a survey to see how the student body will react to this proposed policy that will go into effect. Once the survey is completed at that point, Tamara will have to use her task method with her council to discuss what type of policies and guide line will be used to incorporate the change. She will need to task each council member to come up with suggested policies to include with guideline on how they want to incorporate this new policy. (Northouse, 2013, p.131) 3. How will those needs affect her ability to develop the new policy for computer fees? Tamara is known to be relationship motivated, which means that the relationship with her council, “is positive and subordinates trust, like, and get along with their leader, the leader-member relations are define as good”.(Northouse,2013,p.131). That creates a positive situation because Tamara will have to start tasking her council with various duties, which might create a little friction with each other, given the fact that the council is elected by the student body. This fact makes it that much harder to have control over how they work, and has no way of rewarding them or pushing them. This is when Tamara needs to us as much of her relationship motivation to have a positive impact with her council to come up with an end result, which is to set new computer fees for all students. 4. How can Tamara change the situation to use her management style? Tamara’s situation is going to be difficult given her style of leadership she uses, and she will have to continue to try different situation to see which style works better for her. This is because “Contingency theory represents a shift in leadership research from focusing on the leader only to focusing on the leader in conjunction with the situation in which the leader works”. Each situation presents unique opportunities to test or match “a leader’s style with the demands of the situation”. (Northouse, 2013, p.131) this case definitely fits...

References: Peter G. Northouse. (2013). Leadership Theory and Practice.
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