No Child Left Behind

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The Irony: No Child Left Behind
            In January 8, 2002 No child left behind Act was passed by President George W. Bush in efforts to improve public school education. The No Child Left Behind Act consists of English and Math annual testing for students in third to twelfth grade. As stated by Author Gail Russel Chaddock, "For the first time, the federal government is enforcing a requirement that all public-school students be tested annually in core subjects."(Chaddock) The goal for these students and schools are for all students to meet standards. All students are required to achieve a "proficient level on state test by 2013-14 school year." (Chaddock) If standards are not met a sanction is given to underachieving schools for not meeting the annual goal. "And for the first time schools face the prospect of losing federal funding if those results aren't there"(Chaddock), adds Chaddock. If these schools continue not meeting the standards parents are allowed to enroll their kids in schools that in fact are meeting the annual standards. Also schools have to use funds given to them on tutoring as a sanction, which has left many feeling under pressure and unhappy with this new school system. Not only are schools and teachers feeling the pressure, but students are pressured as well. The amount of pressure is another concern that parents and staff are not happy with. The No child left behind law was intended to help, but it seems that it has done the contrary. Although No Child Left behind was made for the purpose of better education, indeed many believe it has failed its purpose.             The pressure that No Child Left Behind is causing on students is not only directly harmful, but it is also hindering them academically. Children are put under so much pressure to pass these test that they lose focus on going to class to learn. Darrah, a third grade teacher admits “I have kids coming into the third grade, which is the first time they take the PSSAs, saying...
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