No Child Left Behind

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The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 is an educational reform in public school systems that caused much controversy in the last decade. This educational reform could be characterized as he cornerstone of George W. Bush’s administration. No Child Left Behind was created to help disabled children in the schools because many of them were failing. Bush blamed the question of failure upon the schools and teachers themselves instead of the students and centers No Child Left Behind on three main objectives: accountability, choice, and flexibility in Federal educational programs. Increased accountability for states, school districts, and schools; greater choice for parents and students, particularly those attending low-performing schools, more flexibility for states and local educational agencies (LEAS) in the use of federal educational dollars; and a stronger emphasis on reading, especially in our youngest of children (Executive Summary). This essay will focus on the history of No Child Left Behind, what caused its immediate mandate, and how this act id being implemented in today’s curriculum.

History of No Child Left Behind
Before No Child Left Behind Act was implemented in school systems across the nation, almost twenty years of research was conducted and developed on educational practices in the country starting in the 1980s. In 1981, the National Commission on Excellence in Education was chartered under the authority of 20 U.S.C. 1233a to review and synthesize the data and scholar literature on the quality of learning and teaching in the nation’s schools, colleges, and universities both public and private with special concern related the teenage youth. The US department of education reported in 1983 several indications that the educational system in the US was failing (History of NCLB, 2). Their findings were shocking. They...

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