No Child Left Behind

Topics: No Child Left Behind Act, Education, High school Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: February 28, 2013
“No Child Left Behind” is a law for educations. It’s a law that all students in America wouldn’t be put back or left behind. It helps American schools and students to be more safer and intelligent. The main goal is to get all students to be proficient on their standardized testing. George Bush passed the right when he took office. Bush proposed the law on January 23, 2001 and the United States House of Representatives passed the bill on May 23, 2011. Then, the United States Senate passed it on June 14, 2001. After that, President George Bush signed it on January 8, 2002. The law requires all schools funding from the government to take a statewide yearly. The Test scores determines if the school is teaching well or not. They have to make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) and to do that, they have to do better than the previous year’s score. AYP is when you reach the standards of the percentage.

There are steps towards the NCLB law. If a school misses two years of AYP, they’re “in need of improvement” and so they have to have a two year plan for any subject they’re not doing well on. There’s also an option for the students to transfer to a better school. If a school misses three years of AYP, the school is forced to have free tutoring. Four years, the entire school will change the staff, have new curriculums, or extending the student’s class. Five years, the entire school changes then six years and the school closes, it turns into a charter school, a private company runs the school, or the state office runs it directly.

The goal is for all students to have either proficient or advanced in reading and mathematics by 2014. The law is to increase funding for poor school districts, higher achievements for poor and minority students and expanding standardized testing. There are different goals for the states. It depends on the race, gender, their low income status, ethnicity, migrant status, english language learners and disability status. The district's’ goal is...
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