No Angel

Topics: Short story, Father, Death Pages: 3 (1209 words) Published: April 16, 2015
No Angel

At some point, everyone will have to experience the situation of losing a close relative. No one would ever be fully ready for that occasion and therefore, when it happens many people go through a breakdown. Losing someone close to you is hard, you will constantly miss the person, and the memories of them will keep recurring, and in some cases you also start imagining them appearing in a spiritual form. This situation is shown in the short story “No Angel” written by Bernie McGill in 2010.

The protagonist, Annie, is going through a tough time being the only one alive in the family of four: Annie, her parents, and her little brother, Robbie. At the age of 17, Robbie was murdered and left on the street like rubbish. That left Annie’s mother in shock, which caused her death six months after. For twenty-two years, Annie stayed alone with her father until he died too of damaged lungs. The deaths of her family was a tragedy, and that is why Annie is still having a hard time letting go, for that reason she created her own imagination of her father appearing beside her from time to time, where she could talk with him.

The whole story starts in medias res where Annie meets her father, who is already dead. The first time I saw my father after he died, I was in the shower […] (p. 1 l. 1). Annie is completely calm, even though she clearly knows that her father is no longer alive. Because of that, we can interpret it as the father is not a real ghost but some made-up image by Annie herself, and that is why she is not in shock when seeing him. After the first event where Annie meets her father, we jump directly to the second time where she meets him. Through the whole story, there are many leaps between the different events and that make the composition very complicated. We are presented with small parts of Annie’s life without any other details of her current life, but with a few flashbacks from when her family were still alive. The details of her daily...
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