Nlp Master Practitioner Certification Home Study Programme Test

Pages: 24 (5953 words) / Published: Jun 18th, 2012
NLP Master Practitioner Certification Home Study Programme Test.

John Chiva.

1) Presupposition’s means what is assumed by the phrasing of a sentence; useful for hearing subtext and forces the listener to accept certain things in order for the statement to make sense. The first of my 5 favourite presuppositions’s, is ‘Possibility/necessity’. Before studying NLP this is the clue that was most readily picked up on through communicating with peers and students. It is interesting to see the physiology that accompanies such statements that fit this category i.e. shoulders slumped or the lighting up of the eyes. For dealing with younger people it provides one with an understanding of how they feel about where there going in life and how they feel about achieving it. I also like to observe reactions to my use of should/can/need to etc. and most readily use it to inspire the student to complete a task in the best way possible.

‘Ordinal’ is very useful for me when talking to a peer who is completely over whelmed and/or lost sight of clear logical thought. It is often the case that each element is exaggerated due to the first and so on. When firing back a selection of rationales I find it useful as it displaces resistance, especially when accompanied and complimented with ‘possibility’.

‘Existence’ is used extensively in the popular media, with regards to news coverage especially. Through understanding this deliberate use, the facts become clearer. A good example to illustrate this point would be: ‘Saddam Hussein, with weapons of mass destruction, posses a significant devastating treat to the whole of the western world’. To which the intention is allowing the public to focus on the treat and to accept the cause, while neither confirming or denying there existence.

‘Exclusive/ Inclusive Or’, is useful for me when listening to an attempted sales close. This provides an illusion of choice, for example, ‘when you take this phone, you have the option to use 250

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