NLP in language teaching

Topics: Scientific method, Methodology, Teacher Pages: 3 (676 words) Published: April 12, 2014
6th article Method and Post method: Are They Really So Incompatible? By Mina khademzadeh

The gist of this article is that method is not gone away and there are 3 types of reasons for verifying this. The method is discredited at 2 levels
1. Etic level believed that method is dead but
2. Emic level consist of common people and teacher believed that method is still alive. 1st Methods are not gone away, nor are they likely to .we want to verify this through 3 reasons. 1. Summarizing what is the situation of method

2. Post methodologist used the problems of method to knock them down. 3. Using the roots of post method in order to knock it down. According to Bell we have 3 definitions for method

1. Smorgasbord of Ideas refers to an unorganized mixture of various dissimilar items .method with lowercase means a grab bag of classroom practices which include programs curricula, procedures, demonstrations, modes of presentation and so on .the problems is that we can’t find a coherent whole .It is Definition for practice . 2. Prescription for Practice refers to Methods with an uppercase .it means a fixed set of classroom practices that serve as a prescription and therefore do not allow variation. Brown and Kumar and Richard had claimed their ideas about this definition .Bell said that it is pejorative definition and it refers to so designer method such as SW,CL and DSP .in these methods teachers are ignored as it is prescriptive so that it is better to accept post method instead of method. 3. Organizing Principles

Richards and Rodgers wrote about method as an as an umbrella term comprising approach, design, and procedure. Approach is the underlying theory of language and language learning. Design is how those theories determine the objectives, syllabus, teaching/learning activities, teacher/ learner roles, and the role of the instructional materials. Procedures are the...
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