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Assignment of linguistic
Nihal Alsahlee, section: 446

Chapter 10. Page: 137
Question 1:
I’m busy now so you can’t stay here. Come back later.
_Person deixis: I’m, you.
_Spatial deixis: here, back.
_Temporal deixis: now, later.

Question 2:
Dr. Foster gave Andy some medicine after he told her about his headaches and she advised him to take the pills three times a day until the pain went away. _Anaphora expression: he, her, his, she, him, the pills, the pain.

Question 3:
(a) Teacher: you can borrow my Shakespeare. (The name of book) (b) Waiter: The ham sandwich left without paying. (Who the man order it.) (c) Nurse: The hernia in room 5 wants to talk to the doctor. (Someone have the hernia dieses.) (d) Dentist: My eleven thirty canceled so I had an early lunch. (Maybe class or date).

Question 4:
(a) Your clock is n’t working. (He has clock.)
(b) Where did he find the money? (He found money.)
(c) We regret buying the car. (They bought car.)
(d) The king of France is bald. (The France have king.)

Question 5:
(a) Move! (Direct) (c)You’re in the way. (Indirect.) (b) Could you please sit down? (Indirect) (d) Please get out the way. (Direct.)

Chapter 9: page 123.

Question 1:
The concept of a prototype helps explain the meaning of certain words.

Question 2:
_The television (_animate)
_His dog (+animate, +adult)

Question 3:
Anne Marshall =(experiencer), the ball =(theme),
from the woods = (source), to the grassy =(goal), near the hole =(locate), she =(agent), invincible =(theme).

Question 4:

Question 5:
_ absent/present =(non-gradable) _ fail/pass =(non-gradable) _ fill it/empty it =(gradable) _appear/disappear =(reversives) _fair/unfair =(reversives) _high/low=(gradable)
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