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Questionnaires: (Answer As Long As possible)

1. Description of Business
• Company name- Integrated Manufacturing Services Providers Inc. (IMSPI)

• Owner/s – A corporation

• Short background of the owner/s – Main stockholder is Gilbert Y . Leonor. He is Master in Entrepreneurship at the Asian Institute of Management and graduated with honors in December 2000 (superior performance)

• Employees : 35 regular employees and 21 contractual employees.

• Partners

• Other branch – no other branch

• Organizational Structure (if possible, please show the hierarchy of your business from top management to employees.)

• Short description of your work area. What does your store look like? IMSPI is occupying a 3700 square meter facility in Las Pinas City. 3000 square meters facility is dedicated to production and warehouse operations. A dedicated cold storage room that houses temperature sensitive materials. Fully air-conditioned production lines that has a demonstrated annual capacity of 15,000,000 kilograms.

2. What are your offered products/services?
• IMSPI can offer:
o Full manufacturing Services of Powdered Beverages o Partial and Pure Service Manufacturing of Powdered Beverages o Product development and R&D support for proprietary formulations o Marketing Service Support

o FDA and HALAL documentation
o Quality System Documentation and Installation
o Food Safety (HACCP) documentation and Installation o Inspection and Testing

• Where do you get your products? Please explain briefly. Our raw and packaging materials are sourced from local and foreign suppliers. They are released in the production line only after testing and approval of materials from Quality.

• Are you a retail shop? No, we are a manufacturing company

• What makes your product different or advantageous from the others? Please explain briefly. Advantages and Benefits of IMSPI products include: o IMSPI guarantee service and quality of products it manufactures o It remained compliant on food safety, quality and regulatory requirements set forth by customers and regulatory agencies o Quality Management system has been successfully implemented in accordance to local food industry regulations (HACCP) and GMP standards o IMSPI has consistently passed periodic audits of the Food and Drug Administration and HALAL certifying bodies o Continuous improvement is ensured by conduct of training

• Are there an other unrelated products you sell aside from bikes of bike parts??????n/a

• What can you say about the prices of your products? Please explain briefly. Our products are priced competitively. As toll manufacturer, our prices are agreed with the companies we serve. As per our products like Coffee Joy and Choco Joy, these products are priced lower than the leading brand in the market.

• What can you say about your profit / loss? Please explain briefly.

Profit drivers:
o Effective and well implemented Marketing Plan
o Lean Manufacturing – elimination of wastes from the manufacturing line o Excellent Customer Service
o Supply Chain
o Well motivated sales force

3. Target Market / Customer Profile
• Is there an age bracket for your products?

• How can you guarantee that your customers are safe in using your products? IMSPI takes pride of its Quality Management System. Accreditation and qualifications of suppliers are in place; IMSPI only transact business with approved suppliers. All deliveries of materials pass thru testing prior to release to the shop floor for manufacturing. IMSPI products are HALAL certified and has passed all audit conducted by FDA and other regulatory bodies

4. Business Location
• Address - Units 12 &...
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