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Emily Dickinson was born in Amherst Massachusetts in 1830 she lived in an era of reform the American Enlightment. Dickinson was one of the greatest American poets of all time. As a child of this time period she was brought up by a strong Christian family her dad was an important successful man. He was a young lawyer then become a political somewhat powerful man of congress for a short time. He was very strict on Emily and he siblings they all went off to really good schools. In the 1800’s a lot of women did not get the opportunity to go to school and be educated. Emily spent a lot of time at home except when she attended school. Emily was the opposite from her dad she didn’t like being or in the public eye instead spent most of her time writing isolated from the world, but on the other hand she was able to reach the outside world through her writing, but did not publish all of her work In fact the majority of her poems were not published until after her death in 1856. She told her sister to burn all her notebooks and work when she died instead her sister decided to share her work because it was so good. Her poetry has made a big impact in American Literature and still to this day. During the time period Emily was brought up during the reform and Enightment era, also known as The Second Great Awaking. Literature and cultural arts were being introduced to Ameirican society, In addition the civil war erupted. Three major important historical events. The civil war was bad a lot of men died very scary and emotional time for America Emily was an orator of the civil war period who spoke on abolitionism and woemens rights. All these things affected her and had a impact on her writing . In otherwords with all the death around her , the loss of her parents and loved ones influenced her to write about death. Her poems were short usually written in four-line stanzas and were based on tragedy and death. Emily’s work might seem morbid and tragic but given her life she based her work off realism .Death was something she became used to it. Death will come to us all but she wasn’t afraid to die . For example two of her poems “Because I could not stop for death” and “Crumbling is not an instants act” shows imagery, syntax and a symbolizes death in her eyes. In her poem “Because I could not stop for death” She use syntax which is the way an author arranges words clauses and phrases to help a reader better understand and epress their feelings. This poem starts out “ Because I could not stop for Death---/He kindly stopped for me--/The Carriage held but just Ourselves--/Immortality ( lines 1-4}. That first stanza is powerful you here the ironic tone that no one can escape death ,In fact it will come for us all no matter what is going on . Dickinson paints the image of a woman on her last ride she will ever take the ride to eternal life.

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