Nj State Police

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Research paper N.J State Police

New Jersey State Police
Firemen, policemen, doctors, lawyers, and nurses, when we were children these job titles were primarily the first on our list. When I was growing up I happened to be in a family of police officers that included my dad and a great deal of uncles and cousins. It was like a torch that has been passed down because through the three generations that I know, the candle has been passed to serve as a cop for the community. My father and a couple of my uncles served as local cops in our area. When I was young I didn't know why my family seemed to be so well known and it was because my dad was a cop. As time progressed I could see the livelihood in the community digress. Since time had passed my father new less and less people because of the evil in the streets. Nowadays you cannot really get too involved in a community because of the hostility in our up coming youth. A few of my cousins became state cops in Delaware as well as New Jersey They always tell me that the job is good and it also pays well. In society the youth is the future and my goal is to find away to help them understand that there is more to life than the streets. In my neighborhood the youth look at cops as an enemy or a prejudice force that is out to get them but, in actuality the police are just doing their job. Becoming a state cop and trying to bring civility back to the neighborhood because I was once a product of their same environment. If the community could be built back up it would have to start with the youth. My true definition of a police officer is someone is protects, serves, and gives onto his or her community. The New Jersey state police are the sharpest officers I have seen besides our armed forces. State Troopers are Clean cut, uniform that fits tough like a suit, and a just a tough attitude. One of the main reasons that being a state policeman attracts me is because they come well respected. The New Jersey State Police is...
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