Nissan Motors Ltd final

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Nissan Motors Ltd

Nissan motors was established in Yokohama city, kanagawa prefecture in , Nissan motor company Ltd. Currently, manufacture vehicles in 20 countries and areas around the world, including Japan. Nissan offers products and services around 160 countries worldwide. It deals with the manufacturing of domestic vehicles, sales and related business of automotive products and marine equipment. It has reaches its business with a capital of 605813 million yen which is worth 6561 million AUD.

The mission of the company:

It works with a slogan of “thinking ahead” with a specialty of offering a sport edition of every model of the car they produce they showed leadership in the development of ecologically minded transportation. The company runs with the belief that design is the most vital contact they have with their customers.

The vision of the company:
Nissan is working together with stakeholders in order to ensure that the richness of the life with vehicle will be available to the next generation and the generation will follow.

Executive summary:

This report will give critics on the Japanese base automotive company Nissan motors company Ltd. We have analyzed Nissan motors company Ltd using SWOT analysis, TOWS matrix, GRI and UN Global impact and its performance in the recent past we have tracked the path of Nissan company Ltd expansion of international business, its fruitful alliance with Renault and Daimler AG and its present and future plans for the welfare of the company, consumers and finally the world.

The main topic of our discussions are:

Interaction of Nissan motor company Ltd with its stakeholders using Yues Fassin’s stakeholder model.

The discussion on GRI MDG& UN Global compact by identifying the references. A brief outline of understanding of various stakeholders is performed.

Stakeholder’s analysis:

Nissan motors company Ltd is an international organization having dream to expand itself globally and giving the world economic ecofriendly vehicle. Change in organization as well as advancement in economic growth could not be possible alone with organization without any help of stakeholders. Our group as deeply analyzed various stakeholders involved with the company using Fassin’s stake model.


Stakeholders are the key constituents. They are criticized into following.

1- Shareholders:
Nissan has some major business tycoons associated with it, the two majors are Renault and Daimler AG the partnership with Renault and Daimler had given Nissan a good backbone in both perspectives like sales and technology. There are another 8 companies which have holdings with Nissan motors along with small shareholders.

2- Employees:
Nissan has its manufacturing plants in China, Indonesia, Japan, United States of America and other countries with a consolidated number of 14295 employees. The company has established the Nissan global code of conduct which applies to all group of employees worldwide. It describes how employees should act and standards apply globally to all Nissan group companies.

3- Suppliers:
For consistent supply of high quality products, Nissan operates the purchasing via suppliers quality assurance group to evaluate neutrally the product supplied by the suppliers. Nissan has strong and reputable suppliers.

The aim of SQA activities is to rapidly improve the quality of the sourced components and strengthen mutual understanding between the three participating entities given in the above diagram (through Nissan motor company Ltd annual sustainability report).

4- Customers:
Nissan has a range of customers globally. The customers are attracted with competitive models of Nissan compare to other companies. Nissan Micra is one of the most leading model own by the customers of Nissan and probably the number one car with maximum customers compared to any model of any company.

5- Investors

Stake watchers:

The pressure...
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