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Our project deals with different aspects of marketing management of the company NIRMA. We have chosen this product because from the initial stage of this business they have got success and a well known product all over INDIA. Also it was accessible to get the information. This project is mainly about what the marketing strategies they follow are and how they sell in the market. Also about Positioning, Segmenting, Targeting and so on. Initially we collected the information which includes a brief history about the company, Products, competitors, number of Employees working in the company, Turnover, vision, mission and so on. Then we collected Primary and Secondary data and it took about one month to complete the project.  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT

Firstly we would like to thank God for giving us the confidence and belief in ourselves and then our Marketing Prof. Mr.ARUN BHATTACHARY for providing us this opportunity which helped us to know about the corporate world. We gained more knowledge about marketing through this project. Secondly we would like to thank the company’s marketing person who provided us some information about the marketing strategies, pricing strategies and their uniqueness. Lastly would like to thank all my PGDM friends who helped me for this project. And finally, we thank all members in addition to the mentioned above who have directly or indirectly helped us in making this project.

The main objective of the project is to collect the information about the company NIRMA’s Marketing Strategies. Methodology Used
We used surfing method for collecting Secondary Data and for Primary Data we tried to meet the marketing person but he got some important work so we contacted him on the phone and he gave us some information about Marketing Strategy. Findings and Conclusion

NIRMA is one of the India’s marketers and manufacturer of detergent. Globally NIRMA is one of the world’s major detergent brands. They introduced Toilet Soap in the year 1990 and today are in the eighteenth position among top FMCG brands of India. On the positive side NIRMA has managed to garner a 20% share of the Toilet Soap market within a short period. The major competitors of the NIRMA are nestle, dabur, colgate – Palmolive, Britannia, Amul, Godrej consumer products, ITC, HUL, P&G, Rasna International and so on. The consumer product sector consists of personal care, cosmetics and home products. The sector can be further subdivided into dental care, soaps detergents, floor cleaning, skin and hair care products. The sector is divided into two segments. One is the Premium Segment catering mostly to urban upper middle class and the other is Popular Segment with low prices (i.e.) as low as 25% - 30% of the Premium Segment. The Premium Segment is less price sensitive and more brand conscious. FMCG majors are aggressively looking at rural India since it accounts for 70% of the total Indian households. The Indian FMCG sector is the fourth largest in the economy with a total market size in excess of US$ 25 billion. Around 70% of the total households in India reside in the rural areas. NIRMA Ltd. markets its products through its fully owned subsidiary NIRMA Consumer Care Limited (NCCL).NCCL in turn results these products in market under the umbrella brands NIRMA and NIMA along with extensions. And their strength is based on mutually rewarding and satisfying relationship. NIRMA pioneered the concept of Flat distribution network. NCCL operates with two distribution networks. The two distinct distribution network is given in APPENDIX-I. NIRMA brand is marketed through Principal Channel Network, consists of about 450 exclusive distributors and is one of the lowest cost FMCG distribution channels of the country. The NIMA range of products is marketed through a parallel...

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