Nintendo Versus Sega

Topics: Video game console, Video game, Sega Pages: 4 (1370 words) Published: April 18, 2009
Situation analysis
In 1994 America was faced with a ever growing problem with violence, and many different people were so concerned that it was reaching a epic proportion and they weren’t sure on how to stop it. In the 1950’s television emerged as a powerful and social force and then in the 1990’s videogames were being used as a social influence on the children. With the impact on the violent videogames increasing along with the increase of violence on the television, the technology that went along with these needed to be more monitored. In the ground breaking game mortal combat, that was infamous in the early 1990’s for the extreme violence that it featured. When it became time for it to be launched onto the second generation of video games consoles, the super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis, the makers of the video game Midway Video faced a major decision due to shear amount of protests that were being focused on this game due to its bloody content. In the end two very different video games were made, the Nintendo version featured no blood at all, the Sega version didn’t feature blood in the game either; however, there was a simple code that could be inputted into the game that would allow you to play the game in it’s full bloody glory. In this case the numbers don’t lie the Sega version out sold the Nintendo version. For example the different ways that both companies decided to release this game to the public are as follows: Genesis had the secret code as mentioned before “ABACABB” for the full blood and gore which then in turn gave it the rating MA-13, SNES modified gray sweat in place of blood and the graphics were superior to the other console versions, the PC version was more faithful to the arcade version, Amiga was known for being able to perform all the moves in the game by using one button on the joystick, Game Boy was severely cut down from its arcade counterpart and laggy controls with limited button layout, Sega Game Gear was censored unless...
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