Nintendo - Creative Product Promotion

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Unit 9 - Assignment 1
Creative Product Promotion

When Nintendo release a new console or game, they usually conduct a large marketing product to make their products appeal to the mass market. The first way that Nintendo advertise is through television, they usually have their advertisements shown throughout the day and in the evening in order to try to appeal to the family market because Nintendo's products are usually targeted towards families and children. Nintendo in their television adverts try to make the view have the desire to buy the product, an example of this could be the initial marketing of the Nintendo Wii where the advertisements on television where an showing how people could become fitter by playing Wii games therefore making people desire the product. Another way that Nintendo used to advertise their products in the UK was through advertisements in newspapers and magazines. They used this form of advertising because it appeals to a wide range of people and also the adverts can be changed to suite the target audience of the magazines. Personal Selling

Due to the millions of products they sell it is hard for Nintendo to personally sell their own products face to face, most of their products are either brought from the Nintendo online or brought through retailers. Personal selling is mainly done to customers buying from retail stores from the staff trying to sell customers more accessories. When the retailers were selling the Nintendo Wii the staff had a variety of different statistics given to them by Nintendo to show the customer how good the product is and how it can influence the day to day life of the customer. Sales Promotion

When the Nintendo Wii came out Nintendo and some of the major retailers selling the product created competitions giving people the opportunity to win a Nintendo Wii, this then creates a buzz around the product and people become interested in what it is and then decide they would desire...
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