Ninety-Five Theses Paper

Topics: Protestant Reformation, The Ninety-Five Theses, Catholic Church Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: December 4, 2013

During the earlier years of Christianity, at a time when most Catholic leaders were focused on political values rather than spiritual values, people would pay money for indulgences in order to remove the temporal punishments attached to their sins. Michael Mullet’s non-fiction work Martin Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses studies the roots of the Protestant Reformation by giving detailed background information on Martin Luther and how Luther contributed to a religious revolution which would change the way of Christian life. Martin Luther’s work allowed people to question their faith and gave people the courage to open their own churches even in the face of powerful Catholic leaders. By looking at how Luther interpreted ancient religious scriptures in order to understand God, we are able to see how he transformed into one of the greatest theologians in history and “broke the hold of the Catholic Church over Europe” (Mullet, 2003, p. 46)

One of Luther’s first major steps into following his beliefs was defying his father’s wishes for his son to become a lawyer and instead Luther became an augustinian monk. Luther was not just simply being rebellious, but rather was driven by spiritual turmoil when comprehending God and his teachings which led Luther to immerse himself in his studies regarding the sacred texts. Through years of internal conflict and searching for religious purpose Luther was able to reach enlightenment by interpreting God’s judgment as something that should not be feared when faith alone is what brought you salvation. So when he witnessed papal indulgences he ungracefully nailed his 95 Theses to the door of a church arguing against the sales of indulgences which intimidated the church with bold statements that questioned their and God’s power.

Martin Luther’s 95 Theses quickly grew into something more than just a debate between powers and spread throughout Europe with the help of the printing press. The church was incapable of ignoring Luther’s...
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