nine west Inc

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Nine West Inc.
Merchandising at Nine West Retail Stores
Jerome Fisher President I look that changes were needed in organizing merchandising within NWRS. He believed that this was critical to the success of the company. The main objective of NWRS was deciding what products to sell in different locations

Fisher predicted that the role of direct retail would change in the not too distant future, because of technology, increase sales, competition and new product lines. The growth in sales of the company complicates merchandising decisions as it included a large geographic area with variations in fashion preferences. They expected it to be even more complicated because specialty stores were planning to launch footwear brands, competition for NWRS.

Merchandising became more difficult to diversify their products and include sun glasses, jewelry and clothing. Fisher wanted to expand the company into a lifestyle brand. The retail footwear industry

Footwear represented 46% of the total retail market in 1995, but expected to increase only 3-5% in the next 5 years. The basis for differentiation was quality, style and in some cases the place of manufacture.

Shoe design

First creative team sought inspiration, which resulted in a series of sketches. Then the designers visited the raw material suppliers to see the colors offered for the season. The sketches were produced for all classifications of footwear and then proposed for online wholesaler. For a shoe consists of different parts that need to be assembled, the production process was complex, sometimes consisting of 130 steps and delivery could take up to 10 days.

Named after the location of the offices in 9 West 57th Street in New York City

Founded by Jerome Fisher and Vincent Camuto

Started in 1977 as a manufacturer and wholesaler of women's shoes.

1997, the retail division represented 49% of total company revenue.

Strategically acquired other companies as Amalfi...
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