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Nine eleven paper

By kattylinda1 Nov 05, 2013 330 Words
The Roman Empire fell in 476 B.C. Romans were corrupt in many ways. The Romans political, economic, and militaristic powers I feel are the 3 main factors of why the Empire fell.
The Romans political power was extremely in need of assistance. Being part of the government in Rome was seen as a punishment instead of a reward. Government officials were mostly assassinated or committed suicide (Document A). There were also many civil wars, which led to the division of the empires. Rome was politically corrupt and couldn’t be fixed.

Economically Rome was in danger. There was poor harvest, which led to no money for farmers and market owners. Rome also suffered a disruption in trade, which also brought Rome no money. In these times Rome resorted to increasing taxes and only the rich could afford that. It was a hard time for the poor because there was an even bigger gap between the rich and poor in Rome. The Roman Government suffered tremendously during The Fall of Rome.

The military in Rome was horrific. Roman citizens were no longer proud to be in the military. The roman government had to pay mercenaries to go fight for them but sadly they would just take the money and never show up to battle. Soldiers who were already fighting would complain about the heavy armor, which led to the government not requiring them to ware helmets and breastplates. This was a lack in discipline for the army because now with the government lifting these rules many men died in battle (Document B). Romans were also invaded by many groups of people and they had no army to help them. This caused many Roman citizens to lose their land. The militaristic power in Rome lacked and now so did Rome. Politics, the economy, and military in Rome lacked in power. This led to the fall of Rome. Rome fell in 476 B.C due to corruption in the government and in Rome its self.

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